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[Is corn fiber good for tea bag]
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In theory, as long as it is not moldy, how you cook it will not have a bad effect on the body, unless the product itself is not good. Corn Fiber (polylactic acid fiber, PLA fiber) is based on corn, wheat and other starches. The raw materials are converted into lactic acid through fermentation, and then polymerized and spun into synthetic fibers.


In fact, corn fiber is not resistant to high temperature, the ironing temperature of the fabric cannot be higher than 80 degrees, and the fabric dyeing is also performed at low and medium temperatures.


Some people think that corn fiber is not suitable for making tea bags. It is as hard as plastic and it smells bad. What is more worrying is whether this material will release toxic substances in hot water. No one knows. At present, the safer tea bag is paper tea bag, which is used by the British every day to drink tea bags, and this paper is made of abaca.


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