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[What are the functional fibers]
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carbon fiber
Carbon fiber is a new type of fiber material with high strength and high modulus fibers with a carbon content of over 95%. Carbon fiber is a kind of fiber that is “outer and soft inside”. Carbon fiber has good corrosion resistance, but it will corrode under special chemical action (strong acid, etc.). As the carbon fiber of the future technology, it can be processed into paper products, textiles, mats, and the like.


Degradable fiber polylactic acid (PLA) fiber
The development of new spinning technology through polylactic acid, the development of this new technology has achieved a major breakthrough in the textile industry, filling the gap in the textile industry in China in the field of degradable materials.


New yarn opening fiber
The yarn-opening fiber is obtained by dispersing thousands of velvet yarns at the end of the fiber, and the fiber is more absorbent and softer than the conventional cotton fiber. This fiber was first used to produce bath towel products.


Aramid fiber
Aramid fiber is a new type of synthetic fiber with high strength, anti-aging, insulation and other excellent properties, but the aramid fiber has poor heat resistance. Aramid fiber is mainly used in military, aviation and other fields. The development of domestic aramid fiber technology has just started. Developed countries have already applied aramid to military aircraft equipment such as bulletproof clothing.


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