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[Corn fiber may be the darling ]
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Through the development of a new spinning process through polylactic acid, namely the birth of corn fiber, the development of such new technologies has achieved a major breakthrough in the textile industry, filling the gap in the textile industry in China.


Corn fiber has a natural touch, which is a true innovation that can be applied to the yarn of clothing. This fiber has appeared several years ago and it can also be used in the woven and nonwoven industries.


The fiber characteristics required for clothing should be: high strength, strong elasticity, comfort, softness, moisture resistance, warmth and beauty. Corn fiber meets the needs of both the interior and the exterior of the garment. Therefore, it is easily the preferred choice and application target for garment manufacturers. Not only that, corn fiber textiles can be used to make a wide range of garments, sweatshirts, casual wear, T-shirts, underwear, hosiery, fleece and jeans. Corn fiber can even be blended and is an unparalleled natural insulation material.


In the field of household textiles, corn fiber can also be popular. It can be used for bedding, curtains or quilts, blankets, draperies, upholstery materials, and even wallpaper materials.


In the non-woven industry, corn fiber has been used in maternal and child products as well as in the production of diaper toiletries. In the industrial field, corn fiber can still be used for filtration and gasketing. Corn fiber can also produce bio-polymers. Any plastic plastic field or even recycled plastic bag can be replaced with corn fiber.


Corn fiber is also a cleansing product that can be broken down completely into fertilizer or soil, or burned without any dangerous fumes. Not only that, corn fiber textiles are also very fashionable. Fashion designers around the world are beginning to use corn fiber textile design apparel. A large number of sportswear, fashion apparel, and knit sweater materials come from corn fiber.

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