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[The overall market turnover of]
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Recently, China Textile City traditional market stretch fabric marketing stagflation, autumn and winter polyester ammonia stretch cloth, polyester ammonia elastic composite cloth spot listings vary, some of the former store after the factory cloth company and the scale of the store counterparts merchants The spot transaction and order acceptance increased slightly, and the price was basically stable. However, some small business operators still have insufficient turnover in the past few days, and the traditional market has seen a volatility in the past. In the traditional market of polyester-sweet stretch fabrics, there were insufficient transactions in small and medium-sized merchants, but the overall market turnover increased compared with the previous period.


N/R JINZHAN40S knit elastic Roman cloth pre-shrinking rear door width 152CM (enveloped), 420 g / square meter special black jersey fabric bureau department has a medium-volume delivery, ginger yellow fabric bureau department city still has small and medium batches goods. N/R JINZHAN30S knitted elastic Roman cloth door width 165CM (enveloped), 480 g / square meter special black jersey fabric bureau department has a medium-sized shipment. N/R JIN40S knit elastic jersey cloth width 152CM (enveloped), 420 g / square meter white, bleached white jersey fabric counterparts increase orders, the bureaus and cities still have small and medium batch shipments.


Recently, the traditional market autumn and winter polyester-sweet stretch fabrics are made of wool-like composite yarn and polyester FDY filament, DTY low-elastic yarn and a variety of polyester raw materials interwoven or mixed, composite silk polyester-elastic stretch fabric, double-layer composite polyester-stained elastic fabric. Most of the finished fabrics still have corresponding stocks in the sales market. Some large-scale sales outlets still have large batches of stock. Most of the prices of polyester-ammonia stretch fabrics in the traditional market are basically stable. Some counterpart creative fabrics have relatively limited transaction prices due to the spot market. Go up. Recently, the transaction price of fashion elastic fabrics has remained at a high level, but some transaction batches have fallen. The prices of polyester-polyester fabrics are still low-priced, and the prices of most varieties are still basically stable.


Recently, the textile city market, the traditional market with 250D (DTY + FDY) composite wire holding 40D spandex four-sided bomb, 250DDTY holding 40D spandex four-sided bomb, 150DDTY + 150D (DTY + FDY) composite silk holding 40D spandex four-sided bomb, 150DDTY + 150DDTY hug 40D spandex four-sided bomb, 300DDTY holding 40D spandex four-sided bomb and other conventional polyester-ammonia stretch fabrics, some of the former store-style cloth companies and large-scale sales outlets still have their own sales, but some small and medium-sized business households are relatively insufficient, and sales trends are more differentiated. . The 250DDTY holding cationic wire holds the special silk and holds the 40D spandex warp and weft double-stranded line. It also has fashionable autumn four-sided elastic linen. Some large-scale operation stores are welcomed by the counterpart customers, but some small and medium-sized business households are relatively insufficient.


In the recent textile city market, polyester FDY and DTY in the traditional market polyester-polyester stretch fabrics, 40D spandex interwoven flat-panel type autumn trousers, large-scale operation, occasional batches of 1000-3000 meters, but small and medium-sized batches, but small and medium-sized The turnover of the business households was insufficient, and the transactions were intermittent on consecutive days.


In the recent market, various elastic fabric operators in the traditional market have moderately controlled the number of fabrics to be listed, and the transaction prices are mostly based on basic stability. However, the subscription of small and medium-sized business households is still relatively insufficient. In the polyester-stained stretch fabric, some varieties of low-grade fabrics in autumn and autumn are favored by the counterparts. The cationic hidden strip composite silk weft, the human silk hidden lattice composite silk weft elastic leisure fabric has hidden hidden style. Constantly renovating and seeking new and different wins, multi-variety style refurbished hidden strips of hidden fabrics continue to be sold, some of the former store and factory cloth company and professional business large occasional heavy volume transactions, the amount of matching fabrics has increased to a certain extent.


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