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[Advantages and characteristics]
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The chemical fiber raw materials are all derived from petroleum, and their products are polluted to the earth during the decomposition process. The corn fiber is a polylactic acid plant fiber produced by the conversion of corn, and the decomposition property is very good. Using the soil-receiving method, it can be completely decomposed within 2 to 3 years, using seawater immersion method, active river mud method, standard packing method, and the result can be completely decomposed. This complete decomposition performance is the ideal textile raw material that humans pursue without pollution.


Characteristics of corn fiber: It has high crystallinity and high orientation, so it is heat-resistant and tensile-resistant. It can be made into various filaments and staple fibers by general melt spinning method, but it is not resistant to acid and alkali. For alkali reduction processing, the appearance of corn fiber is good, and the characteristics of corn fiber products are as follows:


1, zui large tensile strength: 590 kg / cm.
2. Bending strength: 730 kg/cm 2 .
3. Flexural modulus: 30400 kg/cm.
4, the general single fiber count: 1.44D.
5, single fiber strength: 3.7g / D.
6, elongation: 47%
7, shrinkage rate: 0.3%.
8, T / G: 60 ° C.
9, TM melting point: 166 ° C.
10, temperature resistance: within 130 ° C.
11, acid and alkali resistance: acid and alkali resistance.

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