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[Multi-class woolen woolen sale]
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Recently, many types of woolen woolen fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City have been partially smooth. The varieties of woolen woolen, semi-worsted woolen fabrics and worsted woolen woolen fabrics in the early winter have continued to increase, but the spot market of some varieties is still relatively limited. The transaction was more oscillating and upward, and the sales of polyester woolen fabrics continued to increase. The average daily sales volume of polyester woolen fabrics fluctuated from the previous period.


In the recent market, the wool and polyester class Shenzhou Shun Mao, Ouli Shun Mao, sheep velvet, hemp black, medium gray, light gray, dark gray, red, purple, sapphire, navy blue fabric partial small batch Ship. The marketing of woolen fabrics showed a partial differentiation pattern. Some of the former store-and-shop-style cloth companies and large-scale sales of new and old-fashioned stores continued to alternate. The volume of transactions was still large and small, but the transactions of small business operators were still insufficient. Recently, there are still relatively many varieties of woven and dyed woolen woolen woolen woven fabrics in the traditional market of China Textile City. The semi-worsted woolen and worsted woolen fabrics are also listed on the market. The dyeing and printing woolen fabrics are still sold separately. The cashmere stocks produced in various parts of the country are stocked in batches. Some fashionable matching fabrics are mainly sold in small batches and multi-variety. However, the sales of some small-sized business facades are still relatively insufficient. The traditional market woollen woolen, semi-worsted wool, worsted The batches and batches of woolen fabrics were still insufficient, and the price trend ladders were numerous. The local varieties were mainly stable, and some popular fabric prices fluctuated. The number of yarn-dyed woolen woolen velvet samples has increased, but the spot market is still relatively limited. Some of the fashionable new style fabrics, some of the former store-style fabric companies and large-scale salesrooms still have a variety of collocation spot listings. In the past few days, small-volume and multi-variety varieties were mainly sold, but the transaction volume of some small and medium-sized business households was still insufficient. The sales of small and medium-sized business households of yarn-dyed woolen woolen fabrics were insufficient, the prices were basically stable, and some popular fabric prices were stable. soft.


In the recent market, the overall market trend of woollen fashion, cashmere and semi-worsted fashion woolen fabrics is dominated by shocks. The raw materials are polyester-based raw materials with a small amount of hair or 65% viscose, 35% wool and sticky. The local sales of 80% of the rubber and 20% of the wool-containing ingredients were still smooth. Icelandic, diamond-shaped two-color jacquard, step-by-step color jacquard, two-color constellation, two-color herringbone, two-color circle with the different ingredients of Australian wool + polyester, Maifeng and wool + polyester The marketing of creative fabrics such as polyester and colorful circles and colorful patterns has been smooth. Some of the former store-style cloth companies with capital and R&D strength and the marketing advantages of large-scale sales have become prominent, and the registration and exclusive operation are guaranteed. The sales of creative fabrics are partially smooth.


In the recent market, some of the woollen woolen, yarn-dyed woolen, long-staple plush and short-staple cashmere businesses operated by some small and medium-sized business households are still flat. The prices are basically stable, and some popular fabric prices are stable. fall. Polyester warp knitted long plush, short plush and knitted weft knitted plush, short plush partial marketing stagflation, short plush transaction partiality is relatively smooth; polyester-based raw materials a small amount of wool woven fashion woolen, Yarn-dyed woolen fabrics and knitted weft-knitted and warp-knitted polyester long-fiber fleece, plush and short-staple, plushed parts, front and back shop-style cloth companies, and large-scale salesrooms The marketing is relatively smooth. Although some of the small-scale business households still have insufficient sales of the popular fabrics, some large-scale batches of small batches of small and medium-sized business households have more orders, but some of the former stores and factory-style cloth companies and large-scale sales outlets have been sold overnight. Still relatively smooth. Knitting weft knitting and warp knitting polyester long-fiber drawing, grinding plush and short-staple drawing, and grinding plush counterpart autumn and winter fabrics, the spot market increased partially, some front-and-back shop-style cloth companies and large-scale sales of creative flower fabrics The transaction was still smooth, the marketing advantages of creative fabrics were prominent, the prices were basically stable, and the prices of some popular fabrics were stable and falling. Recently, some small and medium-sized business households have relatively insufficient transactions in the past few days. The sales volume of popular flower fabrics has been partially insufficient, the price trend has been basically stable, and the local market is stable and soft.


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