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What are the distinctive features of corn fiber fabrics?


1. Soft to the touch, moisture and breathable, light and comfortable to wear, corn fiber fabric has a silky texture, good wear resistance, not easy to deform, good dimensional stability.


2. Good elasticity, good hygroscopicity, crisp anti-wrinkle, good shape retention, good durability, good thermal stability, easy to wash and dry, and excellent non-ironing.


3. After dyeing and finishing of corn fiber fabric, the appearance is gorgeous and elegant, the color is rich, the touch is soft, the dry and breathable is good, the processed garment is soft and light, comfortable to wear, has good touch comfort and skin adaptability, and also has Degradability, no pollution to the environment.


4. The heat preservation property is about 20% higher than that of cotton. In the summer, the clothing processed by the fabric is excellent in moisture permeability and water diffusion performance, excellent in sweat absorption and quick drying, and can quickly take away body heat by evaporation, and all year round. A refreshing feeling.

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