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[Xingwen: Sericulture “returnin]
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It was learned from the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department of Sichuan Province that Xingwen County of Sichuan Province, on the basis of the industrialized operation mechanism of “leading enterprises + exclusive society + silkworm farmers”, innovatively implemented “farmers leased raw land to cooperatives and cooperatives to contract finished land to farmers”. The “down-rentback” model has increased the output rate of land and the added value of agricultural products, and increased the economic income of poor households. Among the 57 poverty-stricken villages in the county, 22 villages have developed sericulture industry, and 2,060 poverty-stricken households have raised 9,744 silkworms annually, with a production of 482,200 kilograms, an output value of 22.183 million yuan and a per capita income of 2658.8 yuan.


It is understood that the agency signed the "Sangyuan Leasing Contract" to the silkworm farmers, and realized that according to the 1 mu of mulberry gardens, 4 silkworms were sold annually, and 160 kilograms of fresh oysters were sold. The special agency gave 200 yuan to the silkworm farmers. The specialized society realizes unified planning and layout of scattered land management, realizes land scale, intensive operation, operation and organization, and enrichment and grouping through land management, sharing the cost risk of silkworm farmers. 11160 villagers in 113 villages in the county developed sericulture. According to the agreement of “returning rent and returning package” in mulberry garden, 71990 sericulture was carried out in the whole year, which was converted into 17997.5 mu of mulberry garden, 200 yuan per mu was paid, and the total rent was 3,595,500 yuan. The silkworm farmers signed the "Sangyuan Contracted Operation Contract" to the Specialized Society, and they managed to operate independently after contracting, preventing the dilemma of being easy to turn to difficult and low to high package; leading enterprises and cooperatives will be included in the scope of direct management. Silkworm farmers are regarded as one of the enterprises, and realize the organic connection between small silkworm farmers and modern agricultural development. After the silkworm farmers master the management technology, they return to the professional cooperatives base, which not only digests the idle labor, but also realizes unified management and greatly increases the income.


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