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[Shandong Mobile boosts the wis]
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Recently, Shandong Mobile helped Shandong Ruyi Group to build a “5G Smart Factory”, which will apply 5G technology, artificial intelligence and big data to the production and testing of cloth, and help the textile industry to upgrade its wisdom and create a new model of “5G+Smart Textile”.


5G+AI+Cloud Computing+Edge Computing

Textile surface quality management system is intelligent


The quality of apparel fabrics is the lifeline of textile enterprises. The simple and efficient quality inspection system is the key to improving the production efficiency of textile enterprises. At present, most of the global textile manufacturers are artificial eye quality inspections. This quality inspection method has low detection rate, slow speed and high cost. The inspection speed is generally 15-25cm/s, and the average inspection time is 1 hour. A maximum of 180 defects were found, and the detection rate was only 70%.


Shandong Mobile and Shandong Ruyi Group, the country's largest textile and apparel brand group, integrate 5G technology, cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology into the textile surface quality management system, and the delay of high-definition grey cloth photos transmitted to the cloud intelligent analysis platform through 5G network is shortened to less than 25ms. At the inspection speed of 1m/s, the real-time detection response time is less than 100ms, the inspection efficiency is greatly improved and the detection rate is more than 95%, which is much higher than the traditional manual inspection method, which saves labor costs and saves labor costs. Improve work efficiency and detection accuracy.


5G+ Industrial Internet + Big Data Analysis

Create a "no-man factory" model for the textile industry


It is reported that Shandong Mobile has fully covered the 5G network of Shandong Ruyi Group, and applied it in mobile office, video communication, data acquisition and other fields to establish an industrial Internet platform integrating real-time data, auxiliary decision-making and industrial APP.


The reporter saw at the scene that in the filament production workshop, 924 machines constantly “spit” a roll of long-staple cake, and 16 handling robots that received instructions through the 5G network were quickly and orderly transporting the crepe cake to the designated Location, no need for labor at all. The 3D visualization digital factory built by 5G network and digital hygiene technology can collect the production factor data of personnel, equipment, materials, regulations and environment in an all-round way, carry out all-round real-time monitoring of production, analyze data with artificial intelligence technology, and assist production. management. It is understood that through the 5G network blessing, the handling efficiency and overall production efficiency have increased by more than 20%, truly realizing the “unmanned factory” of the textile industry.


5G+VR/AR+Cloud Computing+Big Data

5G smart fitting mirror can be quickly "replaced"


“Buy and buy” is the favorite of girls, but trying clothes is too much trouble. Online shopping is afraid that the “buyer show” is too far away from the “seller show”. Nowadays, Shandong Mobile and Shandong Ruyi Group's “5G Wisdom Dressing Mirror” can help customers automatically try on clothes and change clothes in seconds to solve the problem of shopping and dressing. It is reported that this 5G smart fitting mirror, consumers only need to stand in front of the "magic mirror" to wave the screen or voice control, you can choose all kinds of clothing in the wishful wisdom store for electronic try-on. Compared with the previous ones going to the mall to try on, the "magic mirror" one-second dressing function is a lot easier.


The reporter learned that the 5G smart fitting mirror relies on Shandong Mobile's 5G large bandwidth and low latency characteristics, combined with VR video capture technology and edge cloud computing to render the ingested video in the cloud and through the 5G cloud line and terminal. Quickly interact, provide consumers with intelligent matching services, and realize interactive sales of online and offline multi-brand products. 5G wisdom fitting mirror can also analyze real-time data of 12 dimensions such as customer group portrait, passenger flow statistics and single product attention, and realize fast, intelligent and precise in store selection, selection, display and marketing. Business decision.


4G changes life, 5G changes society. Shandong Mobile will further accelerate the “5G+X” cross-industry integration application research and development, aggregate the resources of the industry chain and the industry's high-quality capabilities, create new kinetic energy, open up new models, help improve quality and efficiency of the manufacturing industry and transform and upgrade the real economy. Intelligent manufacturing quality develops a new future.


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