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According to the school's "not forgetting the original heart, remembering the mission" theme of educational work deployment, the recent grassroots party organizations throughout the school concentrated on the "Me and my motherland" theme party day activities. On September 23, the Party Branch of the High-Tech Textiles Department of the Textile College of Donghua University launched the "I and My Motherland" theme party and day activities at the Songjiang Campus. Liu Chenggong, the leader of the education leadership group and the party secretary of the school, did not forget the initial thoughts and the secretary of the party committee. Liu Chenggong attended the event and gave a speech. The deputy head of the leading group, deputy secretary of the party committee Cui Yunhua, deputy principal Shu Huisheng, the university directly under the Ministry of Education “don’t forget the heart, remember All the comrades of the Sixth Tour Guidance Group of the Mission's theme education attended.


After the observation, Liu Chenggong gave full recognition to the party branch of the High-Tech Textiles Department of the Textile Institute as the first batch of “National Party Construction Work Model Branch” to demonstrate the theme of “Me and My Motherland”. He pointed out that the event reviewed the brilliant achievements of the 70 years of New China and the development and contribution of the school's textile disciplines. It showed the spirit of first-class disciplines, peak disciplines and the spirit of Donghua textile people. It inspires and builds consensus and further strengthens the broad masses. Teachers are the initial mission of the party to educate and educate the country. Liu Chenggong hopes that the grassroots party branches of the whole school should play the role of fighting fortress, combine the theme education with the promotion of "targeting the first", and do a good job in the political theory of party members through various forms such as the theme party and day activities, and encourage and guide the majority of party members to keep their heart. Take the mission and consciously use Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to arm the mind, guide practice, and promote development.


The theme party day activities were carried out in the form of theme party classes, keynote speeches, exchange speeches, and party members' commitments. Sun Baozhong, secretary of the Party branch of the High-Tech Textiles Department, and Professor Qiu Yiping and Professor Gu Bohong of the branch members shared the "70 years of glory, the new era of forge ahead" and "passing the red genes for the party for the country" in the theme party class and keynote speeches. "Initiative service "One Belt, One Road" initiative, leading the development of international textile education" feelings. Xu Fujun and Guan Guoping branch members exchanged scientific research and teaching and exchanged their understanding and understanding of not forgetting the initial intention to serve the country and the people, remembering and implementing the fundamental tasks of the Lide tree. Wang Xinhou, secretary of the Party Committee of the Textile Institute, commented. In addition, the event site also carried out the commitment of the party members Pioneer Gang, and the Party Branch of the High-Tech Textiles Department and the Party Branch of the Materials Department of the School of Materials signed the contract. The theme party day event finally ended in the audience singing "I and my country".


The school was selected as the “Double Creation” of the Ministry of Education, the “Model Branch” of the “Climbing” Program of the Shanghai Education and Health Party Committee, the “Sponsor of the Double Leader” Party Branch, the Party Branch of the Textile College Teacher, and the Second Party More than 50 people, including full-time party cadres of the party organization, watched the scene.


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