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[What kind of garbage does the ]
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What kind of garbage does the corn fiber bag belong to? Is it dry or wet? Many small partners are not very clear, the following gives you a detailed introduction.


In fact, corn fiber bags are wet garbage.


Dry garbage includes hard-to-recycle waste such as brick and tile ceramics, muck, toilet waste paper, paper towels, etc., as well as husks, dust, and food bags (boxes). Sanitary landfills can effectively reduce pollution to groundwater, surface water, soil and air.


Wet garbage is also known as kitchen waste, that is, perishable garbage, which refers to perishable biomass wastes such as food waste, leftovers leftovers, expired foods, melon kernels, flower green plants, and Chinese medicine dregs.

Wet garbage is garbage generated by residents' daily life and food processing, catering services, unit feeding and other activities, including discarded leaves, leftovers, leftovers, peels, eggshells, tea residue, bones, etc., the main source For home kitchens, restaurants, restaurants, canteens, markets and other food processing related industries.

Food waste: grains and processed foods (rice, rice, noodles, bread, beans), meat and eggs and processed foods (chicken, duck, pig, cow, lamb, egg, animal offal, bacon, luncheon meat, eggshell) ), aquatic products and processed foods (fish, scales, shrimp, shrimp shells, squid), vegetables (green leafy vegetables, rhizome vegetables, mushrooms), seasonings, sauces...
Leftovers leftovers: hot pot soup base (solid waste after draining), fish bones, broken bones, tea leaves, coffee grounds...

Expired food: cakes, sweets, dried foods (meat, red dates, Chinese herbal medicines), powdered foods (bubble drinks, flour), pet food...

Melon fruit core: fruit pulp (coconut meat), fruit peel (watermelon skin, orange peel, apple peel), fruit stem branch (vine branch), fruit (watermelon seed)...

Flower plants: domesticated green plants, flowers, petals, branches and leaves...

Chinese medicine dregs


Now advocate the classification of waste, wet garbage must be properly discarded, do not put into the dry garbage collection container, the garbage classification is everyone, the earth environment is doubled.


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