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[850,000 mu of cotton in Manas ]
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On September 5, Zhou Kehui, a villager from Shawodao Village, Beiwutun Town, Manas County, drove to his home to check the growth of cotton. The head of the cotton peach has cracked open and spit out white cotton wool. Zhou Kehui said: "I have planted more than 400 mu of cotton this year, all of which are high-quality cotton. It is no problem to produce more than 450 kg per mu."


It is understood that in early September, 850,000 mu of cotton in Manas County has entered maturity. Beginning on September 2, cotton farmers grabbed favorable opportunities and adopted defensive and large-scale agricultural machinery to spray defoliants on cotton fields. Due to the cold weather this year, around September 25, it can be harvested in large areas.


The harvest of cotton entered the countdown, and the relevant departments and cotton farmers in Manas County were ready to go. There are 196,000 mu of cotton fields in the northern Wuyi Town, accounting for nearly 1/4 of the county's cotton fields. On the afternoon of September 5, the gloomy sky finally rained. The technicians of the Polylian Cotton Planting Professional Cooperative in the North Wuyi Town are inspecting and maintaining the central axis of the seat tube of the six cotton pickers, and doing the final mechanical guarantee for the harvested cotton. The cooperative has a total of 74 households. The cooperative not only serves farmers, but also extends service projects to repair large machinery and supply accessories.


In the interview, it was learned that the current cotton farmers have their own "great rear" support from the breeding to the harvest, and the cotton harvesting countdown, the farmers do not panic, which is inseparable from the credit of the village cooperatives. Liu Shaohua, deputy mayor of Beiwuyu Town, said that the North Wuyi Town explored the "village and society joint construction" rich model, and established the party branch in the cooperative, with the strengthening of party organization as the starting point, and the ability to People bring the masses to guide and drive the development of the agricultural industry in the whole town and increase the income of the people.


Later, he came to the China Cotton Group Manas Cotton Industry Co., Ltd. to understand that the company has prepared the acquisition funds, and the cotton harvesting period can ensure that the farmers pay the money in one hand. The person in charge, Xiao Shouliang, said that the equipment has been overhauled and ready to enter the cotton processing stage.


The staff of Manas County Agricultural and Rural Bureau said that in order to accurately grasp the cotton production this year, and to rationally arrange the labor of cotton picking machinery and picking flowers, Manas County Agricultural and Rural Bureau and Agricultural Technology Promotion Center organized counties and townships. At the beginning of September, the level of agricultural technicians began to go deep into the cotton-growing towns (fields) for comprehensive measurement work.


Among the 850,000 mu of cotton in Manas County, the high-quality cotton planting area is about 700,000 mu. At present, a total of 137 cotton pickers in the county have been overhauled, and in the case of good weather conditions, they can be harvested on September 25. 20 cotton acquisition and processing enterprises in Manas County are doing safety maintenance and repair work before opening the scale. According to the current growth and initial testing of cotton, the cotton production in Manas County is expected to be 410 kg/mu in 2019, with a total output of 348,500 tons.


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