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[Hainan Li traditional textile ]
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Zhongxin.com Haikou, August 30 (Reporter Hong Jianpeng) The reporter learned from the Hainan Provincial Tourism and Culture Broadcasting and Sports Hall on August 30 that in order to promote China's intangible cultural heritage and promote the traditional textile dyeing and weaving skills of Hainan Li, the hall will A cultural exchange event will be held at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France from September 6th to 12th.


It is understood that in October 2009, 25 intangible cultural heritage projects in China were included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, and the “Li Traditional Dyeing and Embroidery Techniques” declared by Hainan Province were included in the first batch of urgent need for protection. Directory of intangible cultural heritage.


In the past ten years, Hainan Province has built five traditional Lifang dyeing and weaving art training museums, maintaining 148 acres of raw material planting and production bases for the inheritors and 16 normal operations of Lijin Arts and Crafts Village, and carrying out Li Jin in 62 primary and secondary schools. Skills enter the campus practice class. At present, the number of participants in the school is more than 10,000. The number of women weavers has grown from less than 1,000 to nearly 20,000. The representative of the traditional Lifang dyeing and weaving techniques of the Li nationality has represented Hainan to Asia, Europe and other countries and regions. Show.


The responsible person of the Hainan Provincial Tourism and Culture Radio and Television Department is said that the exhibition will be divided into Li Jin traditional spinning and dyeing embroidery art exhibition area, inheritor live display area, Li Jin style exhibition area, ten years. Five sections of the Protection Achievements Exhibition Area and the Lijin Innovation Culture Exhibition Area. Hainan will select a national representative inheritor of the Li traditional dyeing and weaving techniques, four provincial representative inheritors and youth representatives to the scene for demonstration.


At that time, the exhibition will focus on the masterpieces of the inheritors. Two of them are “Dragons” – “Shuangfeng Chaoyang” and “Xifeng Heming” were produced in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. The patterns are colorful and colorful, representing Li Jin’s craftsmanship. The most difficult treasure.


In this activity, the Hainan Li Traditional Textile Art Exhibition will be held in exchange with the cultural and artistic units of Paris to explore the feasibility of Li Jin's approach to fashion, to explore the non-genetic inheritance and protection of China and France, and the Li Totem elements and fashion design. Use and communicate with the Secretariat of the UNESCO Convention on the feasibility of using the science and technology to restore human heritage and the urgent need to protect the list of human representations.


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