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[Polypropylene FDY yarn, ATY ya]
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Polypropylene FDY yarn, ATY silk, are you clear?


FDY full stretch wire, full name: FULL DRAW YARN full stretch wire (Taiwan called full extension wire). Synthetic fiber filaments further prepared by spinning and drawing. The fibers are fully stretched and can be used directly in textile processing.


Conventional polypropylene FDY yarn, polyester FDY filaments and nylon FDY filaments are all chemical fiber filaments. FDY fabrics are smooth and soft, and are often used to weave silk fabrics. It has a wide range of uses in clothing and home textiles. The application field of polypropylene FDY yarn needs to be strengthened.


ATY air textured yarn


Invented by DuPont of the United States, the principle is that the air jet technique is used to entangle the tow by the air jet method to form an irregular twisted loop, so that the tow has a fluffy loop-like yarn. The processed textured yarn combines the properties of both filament and spun yarn, has a strong hair feel, good hand feeling and better coverage than spun yarn.


Applicable to woven, knitted, using air deformation technology, can be made into medium, fine-density monofilament or multifilament, or core-like wool, imitation linen, imitation cotton, etc., called imitation yarn deformation silk, can also be processed A coarse-grain yarn for carpet, sofa, and tapestries. The general air deformation machine can discharge four kinds of raw silk, and the original yarn can be a monofilament or a pre-oriented yarn. The general textured yarn has a single filament fineness of less than 2.8 DTEX (2.5D). In order to increase the number of yarns on the wire, the oil content of the raw yarn is low.

Physical property
The air-deformed yarn is superior to the original yarn before deformation in terms of bulkiness, gas permeability, gloss, and softness. The fineness is 10-15% higher than the original yarn, the boiling water shrinkage is maintained at about 3%, but the strength is reduced by 40%, because only a small part of the monofilament is stretched, but it bears the bearing capacity of the whole tow.

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